Our members are persons who place vehicles on the Bulgarian market. Through a well organized and effectively working collective system, ECOBULCAR AD provides its members with the possibility to implement their obligations according to environmental law offering an economically acceptable, effective and long-lasting solution implementing the objectives laid down by the legislative framework.

The members of the Organization DO NOT PAY PRODUCT FEE to the EMEPA at the MoEW.

ECOBULCAR AD implements its contract obligations towards its members against payment of a contribution to the Organization amounting to 80% (eighty percent), VAT excluded, of the product fee for vehicles under Annex No 2 to Art.1, para.5, point 2 of the Regulation determining the terms and amount of paid up product fee for products whose use generates widely distributed waste for any vehicle placed on the Bulgarian market.

ECOBULCAR AD offers qualified service by a team of professionals with excellent qualification who will assume your obligations as their responsibility and priority.

ECOBULCAR AD owns License  ООп-21-00/08.12.2006, issued by the Ministry of Environment and Water, to operate as a recovery organization according to the Waste Management Act for the purpose of implementing the obligations pursuant to the Regulation on the requirements for treatment of end-of-life vehicles (CoM Decree No 311 of 17.11.2004).


ECOBULCAR AD assumes the obligations of its members laid down by environmental law, offering an economically acceptable, effective and long-lasting solution implementing the objectives laid down by the legislative framework.

The organization signs a contract with the relevant person who places vehicles on the Bulgarian market to regulate the relationships between the two parties in undertaking the commitment for recovery of end-of-life vehicles. The term of the contract is 3 years from the date of signing.

On signing a contract with ECOBULCAR AD, the persons who place vehicles on the Bulgarian market, are issued a certificate at each import of vehicles, which serves as a proof of their affiliation to the recovery organization, releasing them from their obligation to pay product fee to the EMEPA.

The membership in ECOBULCAR AD allows you to focus your efforts on your major business while assigning to qualified specialists the management of end-of-life vehicles generated as a result of the distribution of the vehicles imported/introduced by you on the country's territory.

You may join the collective system of ECOBULCAR AD by completing the enclosed Form.


  • an ambitious, responsible and professional team with excellent qualification;
  • the required equipment and a developed network of operators and agencies throughout the country;
  • the positive experience accumulated so far as a result of our work with partners who are current members of ECOBULCAR AD.

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